Reiki: Renew Your Energy, Renew Your Life


Renewed Energy:

As our first retreat approaches, I wanted to take a step back and tell you a little about me.
My own Reiki journey started in Ohio. Work and family were highly complicated at the time,
and I was not in a good place mentally, emotionally, or physically. When my esthetician (Thanks
Heather!), recommended seeing a Reiki Master named Jeane. My first thought was, why not,
followed closely by, what the heck is Reiki???? When I walked into Jeane’s for the first time, I was immediately overcome by a sense of calmness. It was like greeting an old friend after
many years. She explained that Reiki was an exchange of energy that would flow where I
needed it most and probably where I least expected it to go. During that first session I
experienced many emotions, but in the end, one resonated the most:


Gratitude to my friend for recommending it…
Gratitude for Jeane and her gift….
Gratitude for being open and trying something new….
Gratitude for overcoming my fear of the unknown…
And gratitude for the peace it brought me…

Renewed Life:

Since then, I have had countless sessions with Jeane and others, each bringing
something new to the forefront for me to think about, process, and grow. It is my self-therapy, and I cannot wait to introduce you all to it!

As Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, said, “Reiki is the art of inviting happiness into your mind
and body, and the belief that the universe is alive and filled with energy.

See you all soon!


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