Meditation for Newbies


So maybe you’ve heard the recent buzz about meditation but aren’t exactly sure what it is, why you would do it, what types there are, or how to get started.  Let’s break it down!

Meditation is simply single-point concentration on an object or concept.  It is the process of quieting your mind and developing a deep awareness of one focal point.  During mediation, you become immersed in the present and that which you are focusing on.  There are many types of meditation, but the basis will also be the same: single-point concentration. We’ll show you how to start a bit later!!

The benefits of mediation are vast, all positively impacting your mind, body, and spirit. Health benefits can include decreasing stress, worry, or anxiety and improving your blood pressure, sleep, or pain.  It can make you feel calmer, and more compassionate as well as improve your ability to regulate your emotions. On an energetic level, meditation allows you to connect with your soul and gives you a greater sense of self-awareness.

There are several types of meditation but here are 3 of my favorites meditation for newbies:

Guided Meditation – This is a great one to start with as you will be guided through a visualization or exercise to help you concentrate on that one object.  The guiding nature of this type of meditation will help you stay focused during your session.

Breath Mediation – The point of concentration is on your breath, and you become completely immersed in the sensation of the breath, the inhale, the exhale. It is slow and rhythmic, and your focus is just on the quality and feeling of your breathing.

Mantra Mediation – In this form of mediation, you use repetition of phrases to improve focus or intention. At our next retreat, we will guiding you through creating your own mantra meditation!

Ready to start? Before you begin, know that having your mind wander or lose track of your point of focus is completely normal and part of the process.  You are not doing it “wrong” because you start thinking about your grocery list or what you did last night.  Our mind is built to think so this is perfectly natural.

Step 1 – Find a comfortable position … lying down, seated on a yoga mat, or in a chair are options!

Step 2 – Choose your meditation style … maybe it’s the guided meditation first, a great place to start!

Step 3 – Choose how long you want to meditate… I suggest starting with 5 -10 minutes.  Make it doable!

Step 4 – Set a nice-sounding timer (chimes are good) and give it a try!

Take 3 easy breaths, close your eyes, and let your body relax. Allow yourself this time to just focus on your meditation.  Scan your body for any areas of tension and allow those to relax.  Begin to concentrate on your area of focus (whichever style you choose) and continue this during the practice.  When other thoughts come up, acknowledge them without judgment, and bring your mind back to your area of focus.  When the time goes off, take 3 easy breaths again and open your eyes.

Congratulations on your first meditation session! 

For more information on meditation for newbies, check out this Mindful magazine article.

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